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Affordable Homes in Pune

Affordable Homes in Pune

When you think of your own home, the first thought that comes to mind is a place that caters to all your needs & provides you a humble abode. If you have kids in the family, your search becomes stricter to look for a home that provides your kids a good environment to learn & grow in. From locality to necessary amenities, everything needs to be perfect.

This is where Mantra Codename Wonderland steps in. A lavish project promising congenial homes for family, it has everything you might be looking for. The promise of providing a ‘Holistic Living Experience’ is truly reflected in every nook of the projects.

Living at a prime location in the city!

We know the importance of living at the ideal location & that’s why Mantra Codename Wonderland is strategically placed amidst the bustling city at ‘Keshav Nagar’. Being at the heart of the city, the project provides easy access to necessary as well as leisurely spots around there. Besides, it promises connectivity to commercially important locations like Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Chandannagar, Viman Nagar, and more.

Promising Holistic Growth to kids

For kids to become successful in the future, their childhood should be filled with learning & challenging themselves. With the motto of ‘Kyonki Seekhenge, Tabhi To Badhenge’ the project is made focusing on the holistic growth of kids. With amenities like a creche, play area, indoor games, pavilion, swimming pool & more, the comprehensive learning of kids is taken into account. At Codename Wonderland, your kids can challenge themselves every day, thus thriving in all that they do.

A leisurely Living experience

In today’s time & our hustling lives, we all need more than just a home. From fitness to leisure, we all wish to live at a place that provides us a holistic living experience. This has been taken care of at Mantra Codename Wonderland. Boasting amenities perfect for everyone, it is the ideal home for you & your family. A few of the many amenities include-

  • Commercial amenities like co-working spaces for better productivity while remote working.
  • Health amenities like gymnasium, health park, reflexology park, etc. to keep you fit
  • Leisurely amenities like a swimming pool, pet’s area, hammock garden, etc. to help you unwind
  • Multipurpose halls, lawns, and more for an enhanced community experience.

Best for your first home

Whether to start your own family or take the next big step in your youth, your first home is always special for you & you would want nothing less than perfect for it. With Mantra Codename Wonderland, you get everything you need for a holistic lifestyle. The project provides beautiful abodes at premium prices to its customers with the promise of a gated community, a beautiful vicinity & a rich life.

No matter the reason, your next home needs to be perfect in all senses. And that is exactly what Mantra Codename Wonderland promises. With the promise of Mantra Properties, a reputed name in the Pune Real Estate industry, Codename Wonderland must be your choice for your next home. Mantra has forever introduced projects that keep customer satisfaction at the center. For nearly 15 years, they have been making a mark in the market & growing as they go.

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